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we believe that strategic and cost-effective energy reduction is possible by relying on information about raw energy, building, weather, costs, and subsidies, which, when molded together, target strategic energy reduction processes for individuals and communities alike. We conduct energy audits to provide energy consumption information for each entity; the information is used to present the most affordable solution that also reduces the carbon footprint created on our wonderful planet.

We will not be able to accomplish our resolve of a lower global carbon footprint unless we look at all areas of energy and consumption along with the data behind it. With our model – we will move forward, starting with one house, one suburb, one city and one country to change the world.

Smart Energy Solutions, above all, aims to help achieve a lower carbon future in homes, businesses, industries, and countries. According to the Energy Information Administration, North America alone accounted for nearly 6,298.306 million metric tons of carbon emissions from the consumption of energy in 2012. Reducing carbon emissions and energy costs will catalyze investments in other sectors. When we invest in energy reduction, we are investing in OUR FUTURE!

Message from our President & CEO

Smart Energy Solutions commits to reduced carbon dependency for the globe. Information about our infrastructure and industries along with data about how each of us uses energy are critical in helping us achieve this goal. Together, we can achieve our goal by making minimal financial investments to improve our homes, businesses, industries, and buildings to the most energy efficient standards. We look forward to working with you!